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Celebration of the World Water Day 2022 – Groundwater – making the invisible visible

Serbian National Committee for International Hydrology Programme organized Celebration of the World Water Day on the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The campaign title is ‘Groundwater – making the invisible visible’. Groundwater provides almost half of all drinking water worldwide, around 40% of the water used in irrigation and about one third of the supply required for the industry. With the rise in water scarcity and the decrease in the availability of surface water (due to human activity and climate change), there is increased reliance and pressure on groundwater. Groundwater will play a critical role in adapting to climate change. The whole UN World Water Report for 2022 can be downloaded from the official page:

UNESCO also contributes to the observance of World Water Day within the activities of its Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP), which worlds all year long to build the scientific knowledge base to help countries sustainably manage their water resources.
On behalf of the National Committee for IHP, those present were greeted by prof. Dr Jovan Despotović, President of the Committee. The welcoming speeches ware given by the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Prof. Dr Vladan Kuzmanović and Dr Antonia Jutronić Secretary-General of the Serbian National Commission for UNESCO.
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Dr Brankica Majkić-Dursun presented activities of the WSDAC Center in 2021. As a representative of the Jaroslav Černi Water Institute, dr Nikola Milivojević had a presentation of the results of integral approach on water management in the area of the Pančevački rit.

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During the event, a roundtable was organized on the topic of Energy in Serbia, which was attended by representatives of the energy sector, professors from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Energoprojekt Hidroinzenjerig, Jaroslav Cerni Water Institute, and other relevant institutions.

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