2022 News

Final meeting of the DyRes System project

We are proud to announce that the final meeting at the DyRes System project funded by the Science Fond of the Republic of Serbia was hald on 11.07.2022. For this purpose, a live event was organized by the WSDAC Unesco’s Centre 2 category via the Microsoft Teams application.

Jaroslav Černi Water Institute coordinates the project activities within DyRes System. The project team consists of members from University of Belgrade (Faculty of Civil Engineering), University of Kragujevac (Faculty of Engineering Science, Faculty of Science) and Jaroslav Černi Water Institute.

The final meeting was divided into two parts. First, a live event was organized to enable participants to follow presentations of the project members and guest speakers. Next, an open discussion among the team members, and participants took place. To ensure a wide communication of the research activities, participants from different sectors (public enterprises, academia, students etc.) were invited.

The agenda of the final meeting was given as follows:

  • Presentation of project results (12:00 – 13:30):

dr. Brankica Majkić-Dursun: Presentation of the WSDAC Unesco Center activities;

dr. Milan Stojković: Dynamic resilience of water resources systems: introduction, goals and project team;

Assistant prof. Dr. Damjan Ivetić: Dynamic modeling of water management systems in unfavorable operating conditions;

dr. Milan Stojković: Hydropower and flood resilience: an example of the “Pirot” water system;

Assosiate prof. dr. Dragan Rakić: Filtration and stress-deformation analysis of an embankment dam using the finite element method;

Assistant prof. dr. Višnja Simić: Genetically-based phase system for evaluating dynamic resilience: an example of the “Pirot” water management system;

dr. Milan Stojković: Assessment of dynamic resilience using generated data and machine learning techniques;

dr. Milan Stojković: Ecological resilience: an example of an integral water system.

  • Discussion of the project team and meeting participants (13:30-14:00).

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